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FB IMG 1564211143450Starting in the High School band Mark was always the fan of the nether notes and instruments with substance. In bands since the age of 12, Mark has never lost the love of music and has always kept one foot in the business. Today Mark enjoys the freedom of playing original music with some of the best musicians he has ever been with. With Styles ranging from Hillbilly Upright Slap to Rock, Funk and Blues he loves it all and this band gives him the chance to grow in all these styles.

DSCF7098Rick Has been involved in music from a young age. He says “it all started with his brother bringing a guitar home.”    After taking years off to raise a family he dove head on playing in a number of bands and performing in the local taverns.    To this day , Rick is a founding member of the band “Lenny”.    After meeting the rockabilly boys he was inspired to continue with the rockabilly format and is now enjoying the exciting beat that this music has to offer.

Frank Johnson has been playing drums for many years,  playing Country Western with Radio Icon Elmer Tippe, and The radio station JR Cheatin Hearts club band, along with many other country , Southern rock, Blues and Classic Rock acts over the years, and now found a new love in Rockabilly,  he brings many years of skills and a custom Unique drum kit to become the rhythmic force behind Rooster Tooth's hard driving rockabilly sound.....